The Non Toxic Bedroom

Recharge your batteries in a comfortable, chic, cozy and non toxic bedroom! We spend one third of our lives sleeping, and the environment in which we sleep impacts the quality of sleep we enjoy, as well as our general health, according to Mary Cordaro, an expert on healthy homes. Hiring an expert like Cordaro to do an assessment of your home, beginning with the bedroom, is a great choice if you suffer from chemical sensitives, asthma, or simply wish to live in a non toxic home.



Update your bedroom with non toxic, chemical free & organic choices, starting with your bed.  Consider:

  • mattress
  • pillows
  • bed linens
  • paint
  • furniture
  • rugs & carpets


Beyond the (organic) sheets….some tips for creating a healthier bedroom:

  • check for moisture and mold, poor ventilation and contaminants from forced air/cooling systems
  • reduce or eliminate the use of screens in the bedroom – get rid of the cell phones, TV, laptops, WIFI, as the electromagnetic waves are known to interfere with peaceful rest
  • vacuum with a hepa filter vacuum and use an air purifier
  • dust regularly
  • use all natural household cleaners, soaps and detergents
  • remove any candles/air fresheners that are not pure + natural
  • open the windows and let the fresh air in!


Check out these sources for healthy products for your bedroombed-bedroom-blanket-545012



Bed Linens



  • Fallow & Ball
  • check out the non toxic options @ Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams & Behr

….finish your room with Rugs & Wall to Wall Carpeting from Organic Weave!

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