Every Purchase Has a Purpose

I made a promise to myself when I was 21.  That I would work with women in India.

I don’t believe that any Mother would have her child work, except out of economic necessity.

On my first trip to India in 1989, I saw children working & weaving, and their employers shamelessly explaining that child labor “is a way of life here”.

This “way of life” has changed dramatically since 1989, when an estimated 1,000,000 kids were working in India’s carpet industry.

But children continue to work. Illegally. In many industries, including prostitution.

We aim to provide a sustainable income to our women weavers so that they can contribute to the economic viability of their families, and keep their children with them, safe & sound, at home.

In addition, Organic Weave has pledged 1% of profit to Sudara Freedom Fund in India. Your purchase will also provide safe housing for women escaping trafficking and sexual exploitation.  The Founder of Sudara, Shannon Keith, works with women who are at a high risk of being forced into the sex trade by their families or picked up off the streets by local pimps, by providing employment and housing.

….so this idea started with the idea of working with women, and I needed a product. Rugs? Yes, my roots are rugs, I’m the third generation in my family in this business. Partner? My family is well connected with a family of rug merchants in India. Perfect. But, wait. Women don’t weave rugs (it’s a male dominated craft). Back up. Build looms and train women to weave. oh, and while I’m at it, why not make one of the home’s greenest products more green? A certified organic rug company. Great! But WAIT! This certification is taking forever (it took 3 years), but I was already committed….



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