Lessons from Freud: layering rugs is cozy and inviting!

Lessons from Freud: layering rugs is cozy and inviting!

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t have pictured the office of Sigmund Freud to be layered with Persian Rugs.  And yet, it makes perfect sense to me that it would be….layering rugs creates a cozy atmosphere – and what could be more inviting to conversation, or unpacking the layers of your soul?

Layering Rugs – a trend, or not a trend? Judging from the pages of shelter magazines and the blogs of interior designers, this look is here to stay. Look beyond the  classic layering combination – oversized sisal rug with patterned rug – and experiment withe neutral + stripes, stripes + shags, stripes + patterns – the list goes on.

Here are some ideas for layering rugs:

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Photo Credit: kathykuohome.com
  • Place a small rug on a larger neutral rug to define the sitting area and create a focal point.

Layering rugs - Katie Tarses Home. Photo by Nicole LaMotte via One Kings Lane - living room design ideas - layering patterned rugs

Photo Credit: Katie Tarses Home. Photo by Nicole LaMotte via One Kings Lane.
  • Use similar textures, patterns and colors to unite the space.

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Photo Credit: nepinenetwork.org
  • Layer over wall to wall carpeting or hardwood in a bedroom to create a cozy landing pad for your feet.  You’ll want to use non-slip rug underpad to keep the rugs from moving or sliding.

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Photo Credit:One King’s Lane
  • Go Bold with your accent your rug – you can always change it or rotate summer/winter looks.

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Photo Credit: My Domaine
  • Think about scale: you can mix modern + traditional or different patterns, but consider the scale of the designs. Intricate designs work well with other intricate designs and bolder designs work well with bolder designs.

Happy Feet – the case for Organic Wall to Wall Carpeting

Happy Feet – the case for Organic Wall to Wall Carpeting

Introduced in the 1960s, and wildly popular in the 1970s – wall to wall carpeting is enjoying a resurgence in popularity mainly because of its warmth and softness.

Do you remember the 70s shag? Whole living rooms blanketed with avocado or tangerine shag floors that needed to be raked?

Or perhaps like me, you grew up watching The Brady Bunch, with almost the entire set covered in wall to wall carpet?

Image result for the brady bunch set(What ever happened to Carol Brady’s husband? And did anyone else notice that the exterior view of the Brady house showed the second floor on the left side while the interior clearly has the staircase on the right side? Just two of the mysteries of my childhood).

Somewhere in the 90’s, flooring trends changed.  Wall to wall carpeting was ripped out and replaced with hardwood floors and area rugs.

Carpet has lost favor as a decor choice, partly due to the ‘bad rap’ it has endured. That new carpet smell? The result of the chemicals used to manufacture the carpet.  Critics maintain that these chemicals off gas and create poor indoor air quality.

Besides no off gassing/ new carpet smell, here are some of the reasons why Organic Wool Carpet is an ideal choice for living areas, hallways and bedrooms:

  • soft and comfortable underfoot
  • natural material from rapidly renewable resource (sheep)
  • filters dust and allergens
  • durable and long-lasting; wears well, resilient, retains original texture
  • flameproof, abrasion resistant
  • excellent sound absorption and heat insulation
  • easily cleaned and maintained
  • no chemical stain protectors or moth proofing treatments

What’s old is new again.  Organic Weave offers a myriad of color and style choices, including shags. Shags that need no rake.

Looking for Non Toxic Products?

Looking for Non Toxic Products?

I recently came across Debra’s List (http://www.debralynndadd.com/debras-list/) and if you don’t know about Debra Lynn Dadd, head over to her website for an education on chemical free living.

Debra Lynn Dadd is an expert in non-toxic living and a go-to person for the chemically sensitive community. She is a consultant and author of several books, including “Home Safe Home”.

Debra has reviewed thousands of products from insect repellents to paint and clothing and given her seal of approval.  Organic Weave is thrilled to be included on Debra’s List beside companies who care as much as we do about producing chemical free products.

…woven from the soul

…woven from the soul

In our era of cookie cutter, mass produced, “commodity” decor, it’s refreshing to me to see unique, one of a kind product, made by hand.  I concur with Hugo MacDonald:

“We are living in a world of smooth edges and shiny surfaces. Our yearning for everything to be friction free feels like it has gone too far, rendering us with a wipe-clean reality….we value craft precisely because we feel the human hand within it….”

Products that are made by hand carry the heart and soul of the artisans. Our rugs are made entirely by hand – taking slow manufacturing to the next level, as one piece can take months and month (or even years) to complete.  Knot by knot, row by row.

Most of our rugs are inspired by our client’s own designs.  Children’s artwork becomes a family treasure.   We encourage you to dream it…..so we can make it.

Imagine my surprise when a client’s artwork showed up – black on white – #WTF.

I will admit, my first thought was “how cool”, maybe #rugs will be my next big thing.  And then I thought, do I have any moral obligation to weed out swear words in my custom rug service?  Do I honor the client’s vision?

the best things in life are free

After some vacillating between I wish I had thought about it first and do I want to produce a rug with #WTF, I made the rug. And I also made the rug photographed above: “the best things in life are free” rug, at the same time.  #cancel-clear


Who Made Your Rug?

Who Made Your Rug?

Until 1996, there were no watchdog organizations to monitor child labor in India’s carpet industry. Some estimated that 1,000,000 children were weaving carpets in South East Asia.

1,000,000 kids.

The work of agencies like GoodWeave and LabelStep have changed the handmade rug industry by monitoring looms for illegal child labor.  These non-government agencies have been active for decades in creating programs to help to rehabilitate children at risk.

Simple formula. Not so easy to implement.

In 1996, I was asked by then Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada), Pierre Pettigrew, to participate in a panel discussion about child labor. I sat alongside my colleagues from major corporations – NIKE, LEVI STRAUSS and I presented on child labor in India’s carpet industry.

All eyes were on me (meaning fingers were pointed) because everyone was talking about tiny fingers weaving rugs. At that time, there was only a whisper about child labor in other industries – no one was talking about the garment industry – yet.

….as I was presenting, (and it was late in the afternoon and everyone seemed to need an espresso), I stood up and asked “WHO MADE YOUR SHIRT?”.

It’s a good question to ask ourselves whenever we buy an imported product.

Organic Weave is a proud member of GoodWeave International and our rugs are certified free of child labor.  Who made your rug?